Bevelled or Square Edge Boards – What’s the Difference?

Bevelled edge floor boards are floor boards that have a pronounced ‘V’ shape on each edge of the board and a square edge board has a perfectly perpendicular (at 90-degrees) edge.

Bevelled edges will have the most distinctive groove, and this will clearly be seen in your floor. This style tends to complement rustic and country homes. The grooves or joint between the boards will be more or less apparent depending on the option you select. The more bevelled the edge or end is, the more apparent the grooves will be between the boards. Take a look at the image above to see the clear difference between both –  the top image is the square edge board and the bottom the bevelled edge.

With a square edge board, the edges/ends of the floor meet up with each other so there is no bevel but instead a uniform surface between the boards. 

The benefit of having square edge flooring product is that it looks like a site-finished installation (meaning it looks like it has been installed, sanded and finished in your home). Boards with a square edge/end fit flush together on all four sides of the wood to give the floor a seamless transition between the individual boards.

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