Choosing a lacquered or oiled floor finish

Choosing a lacquered or oiled floor finish

Deciding between lacquered or oiled floor finish?

Choosing a new wooden floor for your home is an exciting decision that will add timeless beauty to your home, however choosing the right floor finish that suits you is an important factor that should be considered before any final decisions are made. The two most popular finishes are lacquered and oiled, this blog will give you an understanding of both and help you to decide which is a more practical finish for your home.

Lacquered Finish:

A lacquered finish is a low maintenance floor finish that is perfect for people who wish to avoid additional floor care. A lacquered floor lends itself very well to a contemporary style due to its glossy finish. Lacquered finishes protect the wood itself from getting scratched or scuffed from years of use which adds to the longevity of your flooring.

Pros of lacquered finish:

Cons of lacquered finish:

Oiled Finish:

An oiled finish is the most natural finish that can be applied to your floor. An oiled floor finish is perfect for anyone looking for a natural/traditional look for their home. The oil sinks into the pours of the wood and protects the floor internally, this requires a basic maintenance oiling every 12-18 months depending the usage of the floor.

Pros of oiled finish:

Cons of oiled finish:


Published: 6th August 2019