Choosing between light and dark wood floors

Choosing between light and dark wood floors

Trying to decide on a light or dark wood floor? Read below for some tips.

When selecting your wood floor, it can be difficult to settle on a decision for a light or dark colour. A couple of factors should be taken into consideration before making your final choice.

Light Colours.

Light coloured wood flooring and laminates are an extremely popular choice. This is due to its effect on brightening up rooms and creating the feeling of spaciousness. Quite often we see lighter floors being used in contemporary and modern styles because of its sleek and clean look which lends itself well to the decor used in these styles. If you are going for a modern and contemporary or even a Scandinavian style, a light coloured floor is a great option. It is important to note that light coloured floors are more likely to show dirt than darker floors and colour change from sunlight will be more pronounced.

Pros of light coloured floors: 

 - Makes rooms feel more spacious. 

 - Works well with different coloured furniture. 

 - Doesn't show as many scratches.

Dark Colours.

Dark coloured wood and laminate flooring offer a unique warmth. Darker woods tend to work well in rustic and traditional-style rooms. Choosing a dark wood gives you the flexibility to go for a smoked oak which will be rustic or a walnut which will provide a more luxurious and executive feel. Darker woods have the benefit of being more forgiving with regards to showing up dirt. While like any wood floor it is subject to colour change over time, darker woods tend to be slightly less noticeable in the colour change. It is important to note, however, that scratches may appear more pronounced in a dark wood floor.

 Pros of dark coloured floors: 

 - Can be used for a 'Luxurious' or 'Rustic' style

 - Easier to keep clean 

 - More resistant to colour change from the sun.


Published: 19th May 2020