Five Outstanding Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Choosing a brand-new floor for your home is a big decision to make. Today, there are plenty of flooring choices available; for instance, you might opt for a solid wood floor or instead go for an engineered floor. One type of floor you should absolutely consider is laminate flooring – as it provides a wealth of practical benefits for every homeowner.

To make your decision that little bit easier, the Mulveys team has written an informative post that looks at five advantages of choosing laminate flooring. Read below to learn more, and get in contact if you’d like to learn more about Mulveys solutions.

Extremely Durable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing laminate flooring for your space is that it is highly durable. Laminate flooring is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches, so it’ll stay in first-class condition for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about accidents or spillages ruining your flooring, as water resistant laminate flooring will be able to withstand anything that comes in its way. If you want longevity and superb long-term performance, then it’s always smart getting a laminate floor.

Incredibly Hygienic

In addition to this, laminate flooring is also excellent in terms of hygiene. It is a very hygienic choice, being so simple and quick to clean. Likewise, it’s also suitable for allergies, so it’s an ideal option if you have allergies, or live with someone who does. Overall, you won’t have to do much cleaning with laminate flooring, and you’ll be able to have peace of mind that your floor isn’t spreading germs too.

Smooth and Seamless Installation

Another huge benefit of laminate flooring is the incredible ease with which you can install it. When you invest in one of Mulvey’s flooring solutions, you will find that the flooring installation is straightforward and stress-free. This is thanks to the integrated click-fit system, which makes it really easy to install in any domestic space.

Can Be Used for Underfloor Heating

Having nice warm floors in your home doesn’t have to be a luxury; it can be a permanent addition with laminate flooring. Here at Mulveys, all our laminate flooring is suitable for underfloor heating, so you can come home to a warm, heated floor after a hard day’s work. Underfloor heating is always a fantastic investment – it’s economical, elegant and invisible.


Finally, we recommend laminate flooring for domestic spaces because it is an eco-friendly choice. If you’re an environmentally-conscious homeowner, then you’ll be making a green decision if you decide to go for laminate flooring. This type of flooring is sustainable and will make a positive impact on the environment.

Trying to Find High Quality, Laminate Flooring in Ireland?

Right now, laminate flooring is in fashion; it’s incredibly popular with both homeowners and commercial property owners. At Mulveys, we offer first-class laminate floors in a diverse variety of colours, finishes and patterns, so whether you would like an Autumn Grey Oak Plank or a Platinum Grey Oak Herringbone, we’ve got you covered with a high-quality laminate solution. All of our laminate floors are low-cost, hard-wearing, and can be installed easily and come in an array of aesthetically pleasing colours. If you’re looking to enhance the look and feel of your home, then a laminate floor from Mulveys is an ideal choice.

Should you be interested in the high-quality laminate flooring in Dublin, then please feel free to visit the Mulveys showroom. You will be able to meet our experienced flooring team, and see all of the unique floors on offer in our custom-designed facility. To get in touch with us, give us a call today on 01 296 4358 or email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, browse our laminate collection to find out more about our laminate flooring options.

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