Maintaining your oiled floor

Maintaining your oiled floor

How to oil your floor

An oiled floor is one of the most beautiful and practical floor coverings for a home, however, they do require a small bit of maintenance. If you have an oiled floor that is looking a bit worn down it might be time to oil it. This is a simple process that will bring your oiled floor back to life! You can apply oil using one of two methods; By hand or With a buffer.

Oiling by hand

Oiling by hand is beneficial as it does not require many tools or materials. However, it is more time consuming which means this method of oiling is best suited to smaller rooms or for touching up areas that have been worn down.

What you will need;

Step 1:
The first step is to clean your floor to remove any dirt so that it does not get oiled into your wooden floor.

Step 2:
Stir the maintenance oil well then apply a generous amount of the maintenance oil undiluted to the floor, then spread evenly across the floor moving the oil along the grain of the wood. Any residual oil on the surface of the floor should be wiped off with a dry cloth.

Step 3:
Leave the oil to dry for approximately 3 hours.

Oiling with a buffer:

Oiling with a buffer allows for a quick and efficient application of maintenance oil. This method is required for larger areas or when doing all the rooms in your home.

What you will need;

This helpful video below will show you the correct way to oil your floor with a buffer.






Published: 30th April 2019