Maintenance Oil 1000ml Natural

Maintenance Oil 1000ml Natural

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This is a professional oiled floor maintenance oil used to protect oiled floors. It should be applied approximately every 12 months to oiled floors with normal usage. Where floors experience heavy usage - it can be applied up to 4 times per year - depending on traffic. Floors should be cleaned down prior to oiling with Floor Service Cleaner.

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Product TypeMaintenance Oil
Accessory TypeFlooring Maintenance
  • Range: Maintenance

    Product Type: Oil

    Volume: 1000ml

    Colour: Natural

  • To apply the oil - wipe on with a lint-free cloth such as an old cotton tee shirt - along the grain in plank widths. Wipe off any excess after approximately¬†20 minutes and leave to dry for 6-12 hours before using the floor. Coverage is 50-70 sqm per coat approx.