Double Smoked Engineered French Oak

Double Smoked Engineered French Oak

Double Smoked Engineered French Oak was used for this project in Howth. Double Smoked Engineered French Oak has a beautiful warm colour that has fluctuations of dark and light boards. Smoked floors offer an additional level of uniqueness to the wood which makes for a truly remarkable floor.

The Installation

When approaching the installation of this wood floor, it was decided that a glue-down option would work best. Mulvey's fitters deemed this to be necessary as it allowed for greater stability in the large open plan area. The boards were installed towards the longest run of the rooms and towards the light for optimal aesthetics and better room flow.

The Finish

As mentioned, this floor comes pre smoked which creates a truly unique appearance for the wood. The floor is then coated with a matt lacquer, this provides protection against stains and scratches but retains the natural wood look. The final touch is the brushing of the lacquer. Brushing heightens the texture of the wood and brings out the grain and grooves so that they are more pronounced, this is ideal for anyone looking to achieve a rustic finish.

The Final Product

When taking on projects such as this, it is always a pleasure to work with our customers to design the perfect floor. This stunning house required a stunning board and we believe that the Double Smoked Engineered French Oak is the perfect fit. The dark tones in this floor work exceptionally well in the bright and airy rooms. Managing to strike the perfect balance between homely and modern, it is safe to say that this floor will provide beauty and elegance for years to come.

This product can be viewed here: Double Smoked Engineered French Oak