Indian Rosewood Herringbone

Indian Rosewood Herringbone

Indian Rosewood herringbone wood block is the flooring we used for this project in Dundrum, Dublin 14. Indian Rosewood has a beautiful warm colour which sees variations of dark browns to deep purplish browns. The colour lightens over time and settles to a warm golden brown.

The Installation

Mulveys' master carpenters installed this product unfinished in an open plan style to give the rooms a more continuous feel. This allows the floor to flow naturally throughout the house. Using a two-piece border around the walls helped to finish the floor in style.

The Finish

Some floors look exceptional with a stain applied. However, with Indian Rosewood, its natural aesthetic is flawless. With this in mind, a high-quality lacquer was used with a mid-level gloss. This provided an extremely practical floor finish and gave the finished product a beautiful, natural sheen.

The Final Product

When approaching a project with herringbone, we always aim to provide a fantastic product and an outstanding installation service. This project was no different. The customer, floor fitters and ourselves worked together to meet the exact specifications that were required for the job. The interlocking grain of the Indian Rosewood adds character to each block, while the deep tones are perfect for giving rooms a warm and luxurious feel.